Success Stories – Bio Parents Found




Maternal Grandmother – 1

Maternal Grandfather – 2

Harold is back at work on another puzzle. His “families” are growing. Who will be next?

We’ve helped many adopted children find their biological parents. Privacy is important to us and our clients, so the stars above represent our success stories.  One of our favorite success stories is below, featured with permission of Len Wade.

One Story of Success…..

Harold’s tenacity led to the discovery of the biological father of Len Wade.  Len is the owner of Ike’s Chili, a great place to eat in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This case was a tough one, but led to the wonderfully happy meeting of a father with the son he never knew he had. The story was covered Burt Mummolo at Tulsa’s Channel 8 News.

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The beginning of the search and the discovery of his birth mother and maternal family.

He met his maternal siblings on Mother’s Day.  Here he is at the airport meeting his sister for the first time.

Genes2Trees’ Harold Vance was brought into the case during the search for Len’s biological father. He found him in time for a joyful meeting on Father’s Day a year after meeting his maternal side!

Prelude to the meeting.

Len meets his biological father for the first time.